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Perfect Cheese
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Total Cave Control Package

(For enclosures less than 100 cu. ft)

We've put together a full control system that includes the Auber TH220 (or TH220-W with Wifi) and our Cave Cube humidifier.  If you have or are converting a refrigerated enclosure to a cheese cave and want full control this will give you what you need and more.

Total Cave Control Package


    (1) TH220 Dual Temperature / Humidity Controller or TH220-W with Wifi

    (1) PC-CCB Humidifier


Product No. PC-TCCP

$180.00 - $230 ea.

This product is unavailable at this time.

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Cheese Tips

Controlling conditions with-in small-scale cheese aging / ripening caves (converted refrigerators, freezers or wine coolers) can be difficult.  We have included some related posts based on our experiences under our Resources tab. 

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