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Rectangular Pans and Covers
You can use your 10 qt. stock pot to prepare curds but once you use a rectangular pan you'll never go back (see sidebar for all the reasons).  These are commercial quality NSF 6" and 8" deep stainless steel rectangular steam table pans.  The 1/2 size pans make up to 2 gal. batches. Full size pans handle up to 7 gal.  The covers are clear NSF polycarbonate  with integrated handle and an added side notch for your temperature probe.

1/2 size SS Rectangular Pan 

10 qt. capacity / 24 ga.

Product No. PC-PAN1/2

Currently unavailable

1/2 size Clear Polycarbonate Cover

Product No. PC-PANC1/2

Currently unavailable
Full size 6" deep SS Rectangular Pan
20 qt. / 5 gal. capacity / 24 ga.

Product No. PC-PANFULL6

Currently unavailable

Full size Clear Polycarbonate cover
For 6" or 8" deep full size SS pans


Currently unavailable

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Pan Dimensions


1/2 size pans:
Top (outside rim):  12.8" x 10.5"
Bottom:  11" x 9.5"
Depth:  6"
Capacity:  2.5 gal. US

Full size pans:
Top (outside rim):  12.8" x 20.5
Bottom:  10.5" x 18.25"
Depth:  6" / 8"
Capacity:  5 / 7 gal. US

Cheese Tip

Why Rectangular?

While round pots are more often used for home cheesemaking rectangular pans offer several advantages that make them, we think, superior:

  • Allows you to use precision square curd cutters.
  • Lowcost, lightweight and easy to handle
  • Corners let you control pouring whey better without "dribbling"
  • Better form factor for storing your cheese making equipment.: just add water and steam sterilize
  • Full size pan gives plenty of room for stacking curds while cheddaring.
  • Fits the "griddle" method better than round pots.

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