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"Universal" Curd Cutter Project

We're working on a new curd cutter design for home, hobby and cheese making micro-dairies and need feedback.   Like our previous 6" square cutters the new design can be used with rectangular pans but can also be used for the more difficult horizontal cuts when using a round pot.  We're planning to offer these in two or three different sizes that can be used for 1 to 12+ gal. makes depending on what the market needs.  

This is where we could use your help.  If you're interested in trying a prototype (1/2" and 1" curd size) cutter for $6* to cover cost of shipping please fill out the contact information below and we'll get back in touch by email about the details.  This is a limited-time offer to members and since we need to test with different size makes may depend on your pan size and shape.

Note that our other product sales are suspended for the summer for R&R and to revise / update our product line-up.

Thanks for your help.


*We can ship outside of US but cost of shipping will depend on location.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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The Perfect-Cheese Curd Cutter Story

We started making and selling our 6" square curd cutters four years ago.  Designed for use with rectangular or square pans, they were one of our most popular products. Compared to using a knife, the cutters are much faster and provided better curd size uniformity.  

Until now we didn't have a cutter for both rectangular and round pots.  The new cutter is designed for the more difficult horizontal cuts when using a round pan.  For rectangular pans the cutter can be used the same way or used together with "vertical" cutter in much the same way as our original 6" square cutter.  

We have also had requests for larger cutters and the new design makes it easier to "size-up" the cutter for deeper pans and larger makes..

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