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Perfect Cheese
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Equipment for Curd Preparation

Rectangular Pans and Covers 

You can use your 10 qt. stock pot to prepare curds but once you use a rectangular pan you'll never go back.  These are commercial quality NSF 6" deep stainless steel rectangular steam table pans.  The 1/2 size pans make up to 2 gal. batches. Full size pans handle up to 5 gal.  The covers are clear NSF polycarbonate  with integrated handle and an added side notch for your temperature probe.  <more info / purchase>

Curd Cutters

Our hand-tied square-frame curd cutters are designed especially for square and rectangular pans.  The 6" x 6" frame works great with all of our rectangular pans up to full (10" x 20") size and batches up to 5 gal. 

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Electric Griddle / Silicon Pad Combo
After 3 years of trying different methods this is by far the best, most effective and most versatile heating system we've found for rectangular pans.  The Presto griddle will allow pretty much all sizes of pans including 2/3 and full and the "Artisan" glass reinforced silicone mat reduces hot-spots to a minimum by preventing direct pan-to-griddle contact. 
Digital Heat Controller
Our LPTC temperature controller module is a dual mode system that can be used for both cooling and heating and can display in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.  Mode selection can be made using the keypad and doesn't require opening the enclosure.  The LPTC has a detachable 8ft long sensor probe so you can easily switch between cave temperature control and heating of milk. 

               Please contact us for questions, custom requests or product suggestions.

Cheese Tip

Are we Square or what?


You can tell from our products that we definitely have a bias for using square (rectangular) steam table pans and accessories for heating milk and processing curd.  In a nutshell, here's why we like rectangular pans:

  • Curds can be cut faster and
more uniformly
  • Easy to handle and pour whey
  • Large bottom warming area
  • Good "fit" if using an electric griddle
  • Can be used on stovetop
  • Great for storing and sterilizing cheese making equipment
  • Economical 

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