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Welcome to Perfect Cheese

Note:   We are suspending selling (most) of our products directly through our website.  There are several reasons for this change:

  1.  I am re-retiring to be able to spend more time with family and grandchildren (or at least until the grandchildren get old enough to help with the business:).

  2.  Our Perfect-Sousvide business has really taken off and my son Brian will be spending pretty much all of his time handling that.   
  3.  We have been experiencing a lot of problems with our website hosting service,  Most of our sous vide products are sold through Amazon anyway and with the problems Webs is having we plan to move our remaining products to Amazon fulfillment.  

We are not closing the business (Perfect Cheese, LLC) and will still offer support to our customers for products they have purchased.  We would also be more than happy to help anyone with questions about cheese making or sous vide equipment and where to buy any of the "commercial" products shown on our website if you contact us.

We hope to resume sales in the future of our most popular products like the curd cutters and humidification control.  

Finally to our previous customers a big thank you for helping our little business over the last 5 years!   We've learned so much from you and hope we've also helped you is some small way to make home cheese making more enjoyable. 

John Whitehead
c/o Perfect Cheese, LLC

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