Perfect Cheese, LLC: Specialized equipment for home cheese making, beer brewing, and sous vide cooking

Perfect Cheese

Specialized products for home cheese making, beer brewing and fermenting, and sous vide cooking

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Welcome to Perfect Cheese

We are a small company in South Carolina that designs, crafts and markets equipment for the home and hobby cheese maker.  Many of our products are also useful in beer brewing and sous vide cooking.  About half of our products are custom made here in SC.  These include a unique line of modular temperature and humidity controllers and accessories that can be used in all refrigerated enclosures, whether it be for for aging cheese, beer, wine or curing meat.  We also offer unique products for helping prepare curd and pressing/aging.  If you look around our site you will note we're a big fan of using rectangular (steam table) pans for making curds; so much so we designed a milk heating system using inexpensive components as well as "square" curd cutters that make cutting curd much quicker and with more precision.  We invite you to review our product line as well as our resources, tips and useful links. You can read more About Us here as well as what we see our business mission is.

Special thanks to our friend and adviser Kathrin W. Bateman for allowing us to post pictures of her beautiful cheese creations!

Highlighted Product:  Square Curd Cutters

Our hand-tied, all SS square-frame curd cutters are designed especially for square and rectangular pans.  The 6" x 6" frame works great with all steam table pans up to full (12" x 20") size and batches up to 5 gal. The frame is small diameter (3/32") stainless rod and the cutter wires are thin gauge (.014" dia) stainless steel to to cut without "pushing" the curd mass to one side of the pan and to help prevent fragmenting.

We supply three sizes:  1/2," 3/4" and 1" wire spacing.  We also offer a HDPE handle that helps you hold the cutter and still quickly switch from vertical to horizontal cuts.  Our square-frame cutters allow you to cut curd to perfect squares very quickly, requiring less than a minute for a full size rectangular pan.

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